Welcome 2018

Like most people, I have the best of intentions.  I get these great, awesome, fabulous blog posts ideas but I suck at follow through.

I mean I really suck.

Here it is the dawning of 2018 and, I’m embarrassed to admit, my last blog post was June of 2015.


I would love to claim that I will resolve to post at least weekly this year, but let’s be honest.  My track record proves that’s not likely to happen.

But I promise to try.

Crazy for Crochet

More like obsessed

I saw a cute pattern for Amigurumi bunnies online before Christmas and just had to make them for my great-nieces. Now I’m hooked on them (yes, pun intended).

Then I made a giraffe for my daughter. She showed it to a friend who wanted to BUY one for a gift.


For real money.

When my sister saw it, she ordered a giraffe and bear for baby shower gifts. She also suggested I make some to sell at her yoga studio.

And people bought them.

Again, for real money.

I’ve been scouring Pinterest (another obsession) for more patterns. They are sooo many cute ones out there. In addition to the giraffe and bear, I’ve made penguins, cats, mouse toys for cats, more bunnies, and an elephant. Oh and duckies for Easter.

Not everything’s been for sale. One of the penguins was for my MIL’s Mother’s Day gift.

My little hobby won’t replace the day job, or make me rich, but I’m having a blast and making a little pocket change.

I’ve got plans for more elephants and maybe a pig or two. And penguins.

And purses. Did I mention the purses?


Back to the old grind

The Snooze feature on the alarm on my phone goes off every 9 minutes exactly.  And in the span of 45 minutes it goes off 5 times.

I know this because that’s how long it took me to wake up yesterday morning.  Well, okay, it took an hour but the last 15 minutes I was awake, just not functional enough to get my sorry self out of bed.

But it was a Monday, after all.

And not just any Monday.  It was the Monday after a long holiday weekend.  A double whammy.

It didn’t help that I stayed up past midnight the night before.  Staying up late then getting up early the next day seems to be my usual routine.  Studies show a person should get at least 8 hours a sleep a day, but I let’s be realistic.

With day the job, time with the hubby (my offspring are adults and can take care of themselves, theoretically), the house, writing, and dance, I’m having difficultly fitting it all in.

My time management skills suck.

I found a website, http://www.10minutenovelists.com, but I haven’t had a chance to give it a good perusal yet.  I’m sensing a Catch 22 here.

Any suggestions?

Happy 2015

Here we are at the start of a new year. Seems like just yesterday I was listing my goals for 2014.

Goals I didn’t meet.  Maybe I set myself up for failure by aiming too high.  Finishing 4 books in one year?  Yeah, definitely a recipe for disaster. Just like everyone else, I spread myself too thin trying to juggle it all: home, work, writing, dancing.  Something had to give and unfortunately it was my writing.

There will be no goals, resolutions, what have you, for me in 2015.  I intend to do the best I can day by day.

We’ll see how it goes.



#8sunday – part deux

Hello again.

Here’s a snippet from Love at First Second Sight for the Weekend Writing Warriors’ 8 Sentence Sunday.

Instead of using the napkin she held out, Leo leaned in and removed the ice cream with the tip of his tongue.  It’d been a while but she was pretty sure he was making a move.  At least she hoped so, because the good night kisses they’d shared so far had left her wanting more.

He pulled back. “Fran, I-”

“Missed a spot? Definitely.”  She grasped a fist full of his collar in each hand and pulled him down until their lips met again.   It had been a long time since she’d been kissed like this, but she had a vague memory of  how it went.

You can find a more sentences from other authors at www.wewriwa.com


Hey everyone, this week I’m participating in 8 Sentence Sunday over at Weekend Writing Warriors where authors have a chance to promote their work and support each other.  Click on the link at the end of this post to check out all the other authors.  Below is a sampling from My Snowy Valentine

She shoved her things back into her purse then looked up at him with sky blue eyes. “Thanks.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you’ve done tonight.  Not many people would have stopped to help a stranger, let alone take them home.”

Wes could feel the blood begin to rush to his ears again.  “Yeah, well, we’ll see how thankful you are in the morning after I make breakfast.  Good night.”

Wes looked back into the room at the same moment Jessie stripped off her sweatpants and crawled under the covers.  He ducked back out, but not before he caught a glimpse of black lace panties and long slender legs.


Gluten Free Bread

I’ve been eating gluten free for a while now, having developed a sensitivity to wheat and gluten.  It didn’t bother me much when I was young, but since I’ve gotten older it;s gotten worse.  As have the food allergies.  I tease my husband that I’m turning into one of those high maintenance wives.

I have to admit that for this Italian girl giving up bread and pasta was no easy task.

Thankfully, finding gluten free products is a lot easier now that it used to be.   I’ve found several pastas that satisfy my cravings. Ronzoni and Kroger both even taste good reheated.

Bread? Now that’s another story.  Most packaged products are either too dry or taste bland. So I decided to give baking my own a shot, which turned out to be tricky.  Not only am I sensitive to gluten and wheat, but also potatoes, and I’m allergic to seeds and nuts.

After some trial and error I have found what I believe is the perfect gluten free sandwich bread.  Moist, light and very tasty.  And super easy.

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this recipe, but it originated on the Gluten Free Cooking School site (http://tinyurl.com/rcyw9d).

I used Mary Frances Pickett’s gluten free flour mix using sorghum flour, and corn meal in place of the masa harina. (Note to self: use finely ground corn meal next time).  She gives instructions for both bread machine and conventional oven.

I don’t have a bread machine and my oven is on the fritz, so after letting it rise, I bake in it my slow cooker for two hours.  It didn’t’ brown on top, but other than that it came out great.  Especially slathered with margarine while still warm.


I’ve made it twice now.

As a side note: This GF flour did not work as well in my chocolate chip cookies.  The corn meal was not fine enough.  But they tasted okay

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