Back to the old grind

The Snooze feature on the alarm on my phone goes off every 9 minutes exactly.  And in the span of 45 minutes it goes off 5 times.

I know this because that’s how long it took me to wake up yesterday morning.  Well, okay, it took an hour but the last 15 minutes I was awake, just not functional enough to get my sorry self out of bed.

But it was a Monday, after all.

And not just any Monday.  It was the Monday after a long holiday weekend.  A double whammy.

It didn’t help that I stayed up past midnight the night before.  Staying up late then getting up early the next day seems to be my usual routine.  Studies show a person should get at least 8 hours a sleep a day, but I let’s be realistic.

With day the job, time with the hubby (my offspring are adults and can take care of themselves, theoretically), the house, writing, and dance, I’m having difficultly fitting it all in.

My time management skills suck.

I found a website,, but I haven’t had a chance to give it a good perusal yet.  I’m sensing a Catch 22 here.

Any suggestions?


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