My 2013 Reading List-short but sweet

I love books.  There’s something about the smell of them, and the way they feel in my hands.  But I’m not opposed to embracing modern technology.  I received a Nook last Christmas and love it.  It’s easy to down load books on to it.

Waaay to easy.

So easy I have more books to read than time to read them.  Dare I say books are my compulsion? What’s a girl to do?  Keep buying more books, of course.  I’ll get around to reading all of them someday.

Here’s a short list of what I managed to squeeze on to my reading list for 2013.  Hopefully, 2014’s list will be longer.

Agnes and the Hitman and Maybe This Time, Jennifer Crusie.  I LOVE anything by Crusie, and hadn’t realized how behind I was on her backlist until I bought these two.  Definitely need to catch up.

Oxygen, John B Olson & Randy Ingermanson.  I don’t normally read scifi, but co-writer Randy Ingermanson is the “snowflake” method of structuring a novel so I had to give it a go.  Glad I did.  It was very good.  I bought the sequel, The Fifth Man,  but haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

The Damsel in this Dress, Marianne Stillings.  I love a good romantic comedy and this one definitely fit the bill.  This just may be a repeater.

Bloodstained, C. J. Lyons. This is the second in Lyons’ Lucy Guardino FBI Thrillers. Fast paced, smartly written, I can’t wait to read the third one.

Keep Me Ghosted, Karen Cantwell. Another entertaining romantic comedy and the first in the Sophie Rhodes Ghostly series.

What did you read this year?


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